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Maintaining Spotting Scopes

Spotting Scopes, whether plastic or glass, require regular upkeep to maintain peak performance.

These scopes have high-quality, multicoated lenses that provide higher resolution and color fidelity when looking through them. However, a dirty or smudged scope lens will decrease the brightness and sharpness of the image.

Cleaning a Spotting Scope

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Note: It is common to find oils on the eyepiece lens. Therefore, it may be necessary to clean this lens a few times to completely remove all particles for maximum performance.


Ultra Brush unique fibers are ultra-soft for cleaning the delicate surfaces of camera lenses, binoculars, telescopes and other fine optics.

Soft-Tek cloth has non-woven fibers with extra thickness that allow the cloth to lift away grease and dirt from lens surfaces safely and quickly.

Premium Grade Lens Cleaning Tissue has a soft and virtually lint-free texture, specifically designed for cleaning lenses and has been manufactured to Federal Specification A-A-50177B

LensBrite Liquid Lens Cleaner is specifically designed to provide anti-fog action.

Formula MC Liquid Lens Cleaner is formulated to clean without leaving residue behind on the lens. Formula MC has been tested, approved and purchased by NASA for use on manned space flights.

Products listed are manufactured by Peca Products Inc. in Beloit, WI.

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